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Requiem for HaitiOil painting by Chantal E.Y. Bethel received a prize at the Embassy of Haiti. The painting was also selected to be the cover of WOMAN SPEAK - a Journal of Litterature and Art by Caribbean Women

In April 2010, the Embassy of Haiti sent out a call for artistic contributions not only to celebrate the vivacity of Haiti's artistic creation, but also as a means to express solidarity among Haitians born artists. The Embassy aimed to honor the spirit of the Haitian people as being resourceful, hopeful, and determined especially after the January 2010 earthquake which devastated Haiti. In this vein, artists of Haitian descent have been invited to submit works inspired and influenced by the theme, "Strength and Hope in Unity," to show the need for the people of Haiti to join hands in rebuilding that country. The Embassy received many beautiful submissions and expressions of support from Haitian artists from all over the world, particularly the Caribbean, Europe, Haiti and the United States. Those artists expressed commitment and solidarity with Haitians through their artwork donated to the Embassy.

A panel composed of Mr. Fabian Goncalves, from the Museum of the Americas; Mr. Fritz Racine, from the Haitian Art Society; Mr. Marcel Wah, from Kylti; and Mrs. Stéphane C. Rosenberg, from the Embassy of Haiti, reviewed the submissions. Five pieces received Award of excellence and were selected to be permanently exhibited at the Embassy; Requiem for Haiti by Chantal Bethel, Ti-sage by Léonel Jules, Rasanbleman by Eddy Tintin, Haïti de Demain Alexandra Amazan..