Poto Mitan POTO-MITAN is Artist Chantal Bethel's journey of prayer and hope for the healing of Haiti — the land of her birth and the site of so much devastation and loss in the January 2010 earthquake.

The art exhibition chronicled here is dedicated to the victims of that tragic event, and explores connections between the main aspects of Haiti's spiritual universe—the Catholic and the Vodou—a religion born of African heritage that is often dismissed by a skeptical world as harmful superstition. A lifelong Christian, Bethel uses her artistic license to create a sacred space of prayer—searching for shared roots of hope and spirit, she invites viewers to a deeper embracing of both our differences and even greater similarities as divinely human beings. Poto Mitan is a Creole word for the center pole (or peristyle) of a Vodou temple. In these riveting, heartfelt, and engaging artworks, Poto Mitan is the place where Heaven meets Earth: a healing place.

The essay "Cry the Beloved Country, Sing its Resilient Soul..." is written by Bahamian Award winning author Patricia Glinton-Meicholas. The book is designed by Paula Boyd Farrington. Photographs by Lyndah Wells Photography.

Sale of this art book catalog will benefit HAMA.org—Haitian Amputee Mothers Alliance—an organization providing prosthesis, training, and family support for earthquake amputees during their rehabilitation process.